Smartcare climate monitoring

Experience has shown that damage to works of art could very often have been prevented by storing an object under the correct conditions using the adequate climatological environment. By constantly (remotely) monitoring the climate conditions in the surroundings where your object is stored we can adjust when needed and optimize the storage conditions.

We offer the use of Smartcare, a small and discrete data logger that doesn’t require sim-card nor registration. The Smartcare data logger checks temperature, relative humidity and light intensity. It makes use of Proximus’s LoRa network which provides coverage all over Belgium, especially in zones where there is no wifi or router coverage.

You can consult the data online through personalized software developed specifically for collection management. IPARC offers assistance with the placement and installation of the device, follow-up on data and also offers feedback from specialized conservators (matching the materials and the typology of the art object).

  • The client can access the online accounts and consult the datasheets

  • Risk analysis (on site) of the location by a consultant in preventive conservation

  • Support when installing the device

  • Alarm within 48 hrs when there is an increased risk for damage following a change in the storage conditions.

  • A yearly report and visit of the site. Frequency can be increased upon simple demand.

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