Archive restoration of textile projects

  • Disassembly and reconstruction of wall textiles and ceiling textiles for specific zones in the boxes and room of ‘De Munt’, Federal opera house of Brussels, Brussels, In subcontracting with Denys NV
  • Reupholstering a set of 6 chairs. Disassembly of the original upholstery, padding with new material. Consisting of horse hair fabric combination. Province of Antwerp, Castle of Ursel, Hingene
  • Cleansing and minor restoration of upholstery of settee ‘99057’, 20th century , US Embassy
  • Establish inventory and conservation of liturgical garments and textiles of St-Job Churh, Sint-Job-in-‘t-Goor (Brecht)
  • Manufacturing replicas of 4 sails from a 19th century ship model ‘kotterschip’  for the exhibition ‘Bonaparte aan de Stroom’,
    MAS, Antwerp
  • Deep-pile fabric and and padding of horse hair. University College Antwerp –  conservation-restauration (studio textile)