Conservation and restoration for museums, professional collectors, churches and art lovers.

IPARC-an acronym for International Platform for Art Research and Conservation-represents a versatile, multi-disciplinary conservation and restoration platform offering specialized and highly professional services in conservation and restoration. With a team of qualified restorers, who each represent a speciality, we are working on old and modern masters, modern materials and contemporary art, wood, polychromy, stone, metal, textile and paper. >More info

Credits Dmmstudios and Voka.


Conservation & restoration

We handle modern and contemporary art objects, paintings, polychromic sculptures, works of art in stone and hard materials like plaster and ivory, textiles, wooden objects and furniture.

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Research & analysis

IPARC does research and implements/realizes (preliminary)studies both for private and public projects. The research involves, apart from material-specific technical study, complementary iconographic research as well as background situation within the context of Art History. Any form of research can be supplemented with a study of relevant bibliographical references.

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Integrated contamination management (ICM)

Treatment targeting pest-infection, mould, insect infections and related methods of biological cleansing such as mechanical cleaning, freezing and hot air treatment combining hot air with controlled humidity to treat infection.

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Managing collections

Both private and public collectors are increasingly looking for collection related services. These services may include collection management (registration and digitalization), specialized storage services, condition checks, monitoring of climate conditions, integrated pest management and feedback reports.

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ARTPORT art storage

ARTPORT offers a 700 m2 facility comprising a workshop, laboratories and studio as well as 2.000 m2 art storage facilities for customers. Both short term and long term storage are possible as well as emergency storage.

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Smartcare monitoring conditions

Smartcare is a small and discrete plug and play data logger not needing SIM tracking nor network registration. Besides the data logger, our conservation team will naturally also ensure a permanent, 24/7 and professional surveillance of the climatological conditions of your collection.

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12 November 2023|

IPARC stapte in 2021 in VCDO (Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen). Op basis van een actiejaarprogramma zet je zo stappen richting een meer duurzame, inclusieve en sociale bedrijfsvoering. Zo draag je als [...]


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