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We are pleased to announce that the 17/11 workshop in The Hague will now be held digitally as a free webinar, in collaboration with RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History.
This will allow for many more interested individuals and institutions to participate.
The originally planned format would have been restricted to 45 attendees due to Covid-19 rules. 


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The relevance of the Corona pandemic, case studies and research data

Art and heritage collections are at risk to get attacked by insects which can severely damage or, if undetected, destroy the objects. One of many unwanted side effects of the corona pandemic lockdown and reduced or furloughed staff is the decrease of collection monitoring in museums, storage areas and heritage sites. This could result in a drastic increase of insect activity.

There is yet another and quite different aspect of the corona pandemic in context with collections: some of the biocides which have been applied to art and heritage collections have an adverse effect on the human immune system. Even decades after the application some of the CMR (cancerogenic mutagen reprotoxic) substances remain highly toxic and harmful.

These are just two topics which our expert team of speakers will touch and discuss with you in our webinar.







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14:00   Welcome  
Mireille Pondman, bussiness director RKD, The Netherlands and Leen Gysen, managing partner IPARC, Belgium

14:10   New pests, new challenges
David Pinniger, museum entomologist, UK

14:30   IPM management and preventive conservation at IPARC / Next generation ICM chambers for pest and contamination management
Nikolaus Wilke, partner and business development director ICM, Germany 

14:50   Case studies regulated humidity warm air treatment of V&A collection pieces 
Val Blythe, preventive conservator and integrated pest management (IPM) co-ordinator 

15:10   Biocides in museum collections – Contamination, analysis and decontamination
Boaz Paz, Chemist and decontamination expert Paz Laboratorien, Germany 

15:40   Two decontamination case studies using the humidity regulated warm air method: PCP and Naphathalene
Michael Gagelmann, Biologist Oeko Consult, Germany 

16:00   Case studies regulated humidity warm air treatment of Flemish old masters
David Lainé, senior partner painting conservation & research, IPARC, Belgium 

16:20   ICM service provisioning and methodology
Leen Gysen, managing partner IPARC, Belgium

16:30  Presentation: ‘RKDtechnical and Reference Lab De Stijl – preserving and presenting technical documentation
Nadja Garthoff, Curator RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History

16:50   Q&A

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