Restauration art by war prisoners: Saint George and the dragon

The mural sculpture of Saint George and the dragon was made by prisoners of war in a camp in West Flanders at the end of WOII. And is now a conservation work in progress. 
We stabilised the sinking wall by placing a foundation underneath. A damp-proof membrane around and injection of the bottom is preventing ascending moisture in the wall. 
A permanent shelter was built to protect the artwork from the elements. 
The pulverising bricks of the wall were consolidated, for further stabilisation new plastering was added on the weathered corner.
Right now we are injecting the many cracks in the brick and mortar sculptures and fixating the polychromy to prevent further losses. 
The whole object is being cleaned, including removal of biological growths.
This is a very rewarding project as the object was disintegrating severely and rapidly, and we are actively saving it from imminent loss.